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Happy Hug Day 2019: Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images & Whatsapp/Faceook Status

Happy Hug Day 2019:- After a long, tiring day, there is nothing as comforting as a loved one's hug. It's Valentine's Week and February 12 each year is celebrated as Hug Day - a day dedicated to warm, cuddly hugs. If there's one thing one can never have enough of - it's hugs. Even research says a good, tight hug has healing powers. Not only does it build trust, give comfort and affection but also has many health benefits, say, researchers. Hugs boost levels of Oxytocin hormone in the body which are linked to lower blood pressure. So, even science approves hugging. So, what better day to give your partner, parents or friends a warm, cuddly hug. But if you're far away from your partner or that someone special, these messages will convey your feelings in the most meaningful way along with a virtual hug.

हग करना हममें से कई लोगों के डेली रूटीन का हिस्सा है। हममें से कई लोगों को यह भली आदत है कि जब भी हमें कोई अपना दिखता है तो हम उसे गले लगाने से नहीं चूकते हैं। लेकिन हग डे पर अपने चाहने वालों को हग करने का अपना एक अलग ही मजा और रोमांच है। ऐसे में इस बार हग डे को सेलिब्रेट करने से मत चूकिएगा। इस हग डे को अगर आप खुद से दूर रह रहे लोगों को वॉट्सऐप मैसेज, कोट्स, और एसएमएस भेजकर सेलिब्रेट करना चाहते हैं तो इसमें हम आपकी मदद कर सकते हैं। यहां पर हम आपके लिए कुछ बेहतरीन वॉट्सऐप मैसेज, एसएमएस और कोट्स लेकर आए हैं। इन्हें आप अपनी पसंद के हिसाब से चुनकर अपने चाहने वालों को भेज सकते हैं।

यूं ही आंखों से आंसु बहते नहीं, किसी और को हम अपना कहते नहीं, एक तुम ही हो जो रुक से गए हो जिंदगी में, वरना रुकने के लिए हम किसी को कहते नहीं। हैप्पी हग डे। इश्क वही है जो हो एकतरफा हो, इजहार-ए-इश्क तो ख्वाहिश बन जाती है, है अगर मोहब्बत तो आंखों में पढ़ लो, जुबान से इजहार तो नुमाइश बन जाती है। हैप्पी हग डे।

Happy Hug Day 2019

Hug day is on 12thFeb every year. Which is a part valentines week list? There is another hug day day which is the national hug day in some countries. A hug is a very affectionate gesture. On hug day every one obviously shares hugs. But here we are also giving you cute hug day SMS and best hug day images with quotes. The latest hug day images and SMS are here which you can share along with hugs with your dear ones. Don’t forget hug day 2018 or you will miss the most important part of valentines week. We have done our duty of providing the best msg on hug day and new hug wishes. Now you do your duty of sharing it with your loved ones. Share free hugs with everyone and spread the joy.

Happy Hug Day Celebrations 2019

A hug seals the love and wraps in the warmth, filling our hearts with exclusive belongingness. A mother’s hug is healing, a father’s hug reassuring and protective, a sibling’s hug is love and a lover’s hug is what you need to feel special and evolve! With Valentine’s Week just around the corner, we bring you the choicest of Hug’s Day quotes for your loved ones!

Hug Day Date & Celebration In Other Countries 2018

In India– On hug day in India which comes in the valentines week. People Share hugs, but an SMS or message now and then does more good. Here are the best romantic hug day SMS which you can forward or send to friends or loved ones or dear ones.

In the USA– there is no special hug day before Valentines Day in the USA.  But they celebrate the national hugging day or national hug day. It is celebrated on 24thNovember; it was first celebrated on 21st January in 1986. This event was started by Kevin Zaborney and it encourages people to hug family and friends more often.

Hug Day 2019 Message for your Mentor / Parents / Siblings

They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.” Bill Keane
When my arms can’t reach people, who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers. May God grant you What your heart desires and keep you happy. Happy Hug Day
Do you know? There is one gift which can’t be given Without taking it back? That is why I give you hug Which can’t be giving without taking it back. Happy Hug Day
Hugging is a silent way of saying, “You matter to me!” Happy Hug Day
What the heart gives away is never gone, but kept in the hearts of others, From dusk to dawn. Hug you from the core of my heart. Happy Hug Day
There is a warm hug where you are A shoulder I can lean on Tenderness, Warmth, Smile and Happiness.  Wishing you a beautiful and joyful Hug Day

Happy Hug Day 2018 | Hug Day Quotes & Sms 

In your arms, I feel so great
The warmth, the love,
Best place is in that state,
Love me, Hold me, Kiss me, Hug me
Happy Hug Day
A sweet hug represents love and affection
to the person we hug,
I want to hug you my dear,
As I want to let you know,
How much I love and care you.
Happy hug day
A hug is a handshake from the heart and I am sure a hug will help you feel calm and happy.
Happy Hug Day
A sweet friend is like a pillow
When you are tired you sleep on it
When you are sad you drop tears on it
When you are angry you punch it &
When you are happy you hug it.
Happy Hug Day 
I just have to give you a hug, so,
put your left hand on your right shoulder, and
put your right hand on your left shoulder
Now squeeze,
And know that it has travelled all this way from me 

Best Hug Day Messages & Gifts | Top Hug Sms For Friends

Hugging a person for few seconds releases love hormone which increases your trust on that person.  In the valentines week list hug day is on 12th Feb followed by kiss day and valentines day.  Hug day is to hug the person you love, girlfriend boyfriend husband or wife. You can also hug your friends or anyone you want to make happy. It is a gift which cannot be given without receiving. So if you give you get it back. Also enjoy the hug day by spreading our love wishes and images. Here are the best hug day images and wishes to share on Facebook and whatsapp. Also update your Facebook and whatsappdp with the latest hug day images. You can also use this hug day wishes to write on your Facebook and whatsapp status.  Go ahead and celebrate this hug day with great pomp. Happy hug day. 
My sweetest memory – your message
My biggest sadness – the distance
My biggest hope – to hug you soon
My strongest prayer – relation continues forever
Happy Hug Day 
If you hesitate when I hold ur hand, I will let you go. If you run away when I give you a kiss, I will let you go. But once you let me give you a hug, just once, I will never let you go. Happy Hug Day 
Just do me a favor,
Put ur left hand on ur right shoulder and
Your right hand on ur left shoulder.
Guess what? I just messaged you a hug
Happy Hug Day 
It’s Hug Day
And I just bugged you in my thoughts
Hope you felt the squeeze!
Happy Hug Day 
Give a nice hug to your kids,
And wish them a very happy hug day,
With lots of care and love.
Happy hug day 
Love you and
It does not matter
How far you are
I just hug you
In my prayers.
Happy hug day 
You are so special to me.
There is nothing better than Having you as a friend to share each day with!
Thank you for making my day brighter
Happy Hug Day
At this special hug day,
I am sending you a hug,
If you like then return me too.
Happy hug day 
A hug from me, even though I'm away
In my heart I'm right by your side
And here's a hug from me
To say, I love you lots, sweetheart
Happy Hug Day 
I love you not only for what you are
but for what I am when I'm with you
I love you not only for what you have made of yourself
but for what you are making of me
I love you for the part of me that you bring out
Happy Hug Day 
Hug them, kiss them
and tell them that you love them.
Don't miss the chances
that life is giving you to spend with people you love.
There are no rewinds
Happy Hug Day
There is something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to say goodbye
Happy Hug Day 
Hug is the loving gift that costs no money
and can be distributed for free
to make the love grow.
Happy Hug Day 
Your arms were always open when I needed a hug
Your heart understood when I needed a friend
Your eyes were stern when I needed a lesson
Your strength and love gave me wings.
Wishing you a Happy Hug Day
Do you know?
There is only one gift which can't be given
Without taking it back
Which is why I give you a hug
Happy Hug Day 
Never wait till tomorrow to
Hug someone you could hug today
Because when you give one
You get one, right back your way
Happy Hug Day 
A hug can say I am missing you
It can say you are special
It can soothe a crying mind
It can calm fear and cheer you
So here is a big hug from me to you
Happy Hug Day 
A sweet friend is like a pillow
When you are tired you sleep on it
When you are sad you drop tears on it
When you are angry you punch it &
When you are happy you hug it.
Happy Hug Day 

 Happy Hug Day 2019 Images, Pic, Picture, Photos

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Happy Kiss Day 2019 on 13th February:- Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images & Whatsapp/Facebook Status

Happy Kiss Day 2019: It's the sixth and final day of the lovey-dovey Valentine week and we're sure you would have pampered your partner with sweet little gestures of love, cute gifts, and lovely messages. The last day before Valentine's Day is Kiss Day which is celebrated on February 13. Remember the excitement and the butterflies of your first kiss? The first kiss remains an unforgettable moment in one's life. A kiss is the most passionate and intimate expression of love. It could be a peck on the cheek or on the lips, kissing someone is an intense moment full of passion and love. There are different types of kisses to express love in different ways. So, today on Kiss Day, express your affection towards your partner with a kiss along with these beautiful Kiss Day images, wishes, and messages. There are also some adorable GIFs you can send to your partner.
If you're looking for some quotes, images to share with your boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine's Day, here are some.
Friends and lovers across the world might eagerly be looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with each other, but the festivities have really already begun. Leading up to the D-day, people observe Valentine’s week, with each day holding a sign of its own. These days are Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day — in that order, leading up to the Valentine’s Day. With just a day more to go, people across the world are celebrating one of the most sublime expressions of love on Kiss Day, today. While playfully stealing a kiss could definitely be in the cards for those in love, what better than to start the day reading words full of love sent by your special someone?

Here are some heartwarming messages you could send your loved ones, this Kiss day.

Happy Kiss Day 2019

Kiss day is the 6th day of the valentines week list. It is towards the end of valentines week. Kiss is an important part of any relationship it makes the bond stronger. For many of you, it may be the first time you are going to kiss your love. Don’t be nervous watch some videos on kissing and learn to kiss because the first impression is the last impression. Direct going on a date and kissing your girl is not a good idea. Memorize some romantic kissing lines for her or send some romantic kiss day messages and cute kiss day wishes. This kiss day is quite popular in India but not in other parts of the world. There are other kisses days around the world like below

Happy Kiss Day Date & Celebration In Other Countries 2019

In India– 13th Feb 2019 is the date of kiss day in India. But its celebration is confined to lovers not like in other countries. it celebrates by wishing happy kiss day or by sending best, cute, romantic and also funny kissing images, pics, photos, quotes, SMS, messages, and gifts.

In the UK– 6th July is the international kissing day. It is just to clear the minds of people regarding the concept of kissing. A kiss may be different types like just a goodbye kiss, a passionate kiss, a kiss of love by your child. They celebrate it in a different way, it is in general.

Happy Kiss Day 2019 | Kiss Day Quotes & Sms For Your Love

We have Brought the latest Kiss day quotes, messages and sms for you to use as status updates. You can also use them as single liners on your girlfriend or boyfriend.
If you think of me out of the blue, just remember it's all the kisses I have blown in the air finally catching up with you
The best things in life
can never be kept
They must be given away
A smile, a hug, and a kiss
Happy Kiss Day
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. Happy Kiss Day
Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other. Happy Kiss Day
Sunshine gives us heat
Rain gives us water
Wind gives us air to breathe
And a sweet kiss energizes our relationship.
Happy Kiss Day
It’s sweet as sugar, a gesture of love and cares it’s just a small kiss which gives plenty of happiness…
It’s a big world with millions of people but my love the kiss is just for u “HAPPY KISS DAY…
A great relationship starts with a sweet kiss and ends with “YES I DO
A Kiss is just a gesture of love and affection which comes from deep within the heart and touches deep within the soul
It’s a just a four letter word “KISS” which automatically brings a smile on every face
When words can’t figure out fights, a sweet kiss brings everything Back to normal
A kiss on your forehead revives broken hearts
Kiss is sweet, a sweet gesture of love, gratitude of respect and the attitude of love 

Best Kiss Day Messages 2019 | Top Kiss Sms For Friends

Kiss day messages with images on this coming kiss day make it a special one for your love. Kiss day images with SMS are for you to use as facebook status updates. You can also use them as a text message for your girlfriend or boyfriend. This kiss day falls on 13th Feb which on Monday. So it is a benefit for all those guys and girls out there you can plan a nice small weekend for him or her. And 12th is also a public holiday. You can actually plan a long weekend of four days till 14th. We are also providing you amazing HD images of kiss day and kissing images which you can share with your loved ones or you can also share these kiss day images on social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Kiss word is so touchy that it completely diverts our mind there are many romantic movies which have beautiful kissing scenes. Young couples watch such movies to learn from them. 
Your hugs and kisses are like the stars that light up my life when it gets dark. Happy Kiss Day
I never thought love could feel like this
Then you changed my world with just a kiss
Happy Kiss Day
Love can be expressed in many ways.
One way I know is to send it across the distance
to the person who is reading this.
Happy Kiss Day
With this Kiss, I reveal all my
thoughts and feelings about you
that I have withheld for so long.
I feel when I am with you, I am like a Kiss,
not because of its beauty,
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you

Kiss Day Sms For Girlfriend | Kiss Day Sms For Boyfriend 

I want to adore you by kissing on your hand, I want to make you my friend by kissing on your cheeks, I want to make you my love by kissing on lips and neck, Happy kiss day
Kiss is the perfect example of giving and taking. You cannot take it without giving and you cannot give it without taking. Happy Kiss day
When You and I meet, I came to know that you are Soo Sweet, When our Lips Meet, Our Love Gets Complete. Happy Kiss Day
Wishing that I could carry your kisses in my pocket, so when I’m asked why am I smiling I could pull one out and show them why. Happy Kiss Day
My dear, It is not necessary to kiss on the kiss day celebration, A true love is the result of faith, belief, and commitment, I will never kiss you until you want. Happy kiss day
A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving. Happy Kiss Day
Kiss on the Forehead: We’re cute together.
Kiss on the Cheek: We’re friends.
Kiss on the Hand: I adore you.
Kiss on the Neck: I want you, now.
Kiss on the Shoulder: You are perfect.
Kiss on the Lips: I LOVE YOU.
Happy Kiss Day My LOVE

Romantic Kiss Sms | Cute Kissing Pics Messages For Free 

The ‘Perfect Selfie’ Exists And Here’s How To Get One
Love is heat.
You are sweet.
When two lips meet.
Love is complete.
Lots of kisses for you on this Kiss Day
Kiss is the first step to show how much I love you,
How much I think about you,
How much I miss you,
And show that I trust you
You are sweet than honey.
Pure than milk.
Soft than flower.
Since I have you as my lover,
Come to me near,
I”ll kiss your lips without fear.
U”ll say, having you is treasure & be with me forever.
Happy Kiss Day
Kiss is garnished on a dish of love with love
Your tight hugs, long kisses makes me forget that world is cruel I just find love and love everywhere
A gentle kiss from your love is a sign of respect and care with a silent I LOVE YOU
If the number of kisses shows how much” I LOVE YOU “I would rather never stop kissing you
A kiss is a silent I LOVE YOU which is not spoken but understood
When you can’t explain your love with your words your lips does it all, with a smile on the face of your love 
Kiss is the most precious gift u can give to your love, it’s priceless but it’s worth more than a diamond… HAPPY KISS DAY
It costs nothing for a kiss but if u really loves someone than u will find it worth more than the world
A kiss from u makes my whole day the best and the happiest… HAPPY KISS DAY
A lady or a girl love when she is kissed gently it makes her feel loved, respected, cared and protected
Love and kiss are significant because when u love u express and when u express is when u kiss… HAPPY KISS DAY
Kissing you is like a drug to me and you are my addiction I CAN’T LIVE OUT YOU… I LOVE YOU, MY LOVE,
A kiss heals thousands of wounds… HAPPY KISS DAY
If a kiss is medicine to all my sickness I would like to stay sick for the rest of my life… HAPPY KISS DAY
Love is the best thing in the world and the kisses are the icing on the cake!!!! HAPPY KISS DAY
Earlier I was not living I was surviving but after I found you I started living and loving you became my oxygen to breath and kissing you became my food on which I depend upon and you my love are now all into my blood and will stay with me until I die. Once I will die but my love for you will be live forever… HAPPY KISS DAY MY LOVE 

Cute & Romantic Kissing Images Pics For Happy Kiss Day

So these are the best kiss day messages and images you can get. Go ahead and send these cute and romantic kiss day messages to your loved ones. Before meeting your girlfriend on a date send her these romantic kissing messages and images. All these messages will elevate your mood before kissing. You like our latest messages and quotes, then share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, and twitter. You can also use them as status and profile photo update. If you like these share your genuine comments in the comment section also share your messages with us.
I’m with you reading this,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in every kiss.
Happy Kiss Day
With this Kiss,
I reveal all my thoughts and feelings about you that I have withheld for so long,
I feel when I am with you, I am like a Kiss,
Not because of its beauty, but because I am able to bloom and grow with you
If kisses were rain I’d send you showers,
If fun was the time I’d send you hours,
If you needed a friend I’d send you me
A blessed KISS is on HEAD
A sweet KISS is on CHEEKS
A passionate KISS is on LIPS
A romantic KISS is on NECK
But seriously
Try it!
Happy Kiss Day
Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 1 

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 2

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 3

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 4

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 5

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 6

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 7

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 8

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 9

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 10

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 11

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 12

Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images - 13

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Happy Promise Day 2019: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images, SMS & Facebook/Whatsapp Status

Happy Promise Day 2019: The Valentine’s month of the year has begun and with that, there is an inescapable mush in the air. From exchanging gifts to cooking delicious dishes for their loved ones, couples are doing it all on the seven days leading up to the big day on February 14.

February 11 is celebrated as Promise Day as couples promise to be there for each other, for eternity. So, on this day make your loved ones feel special by reiterating old promises or making new ones. Here are some promises that you can share with your partner and your loved ones.

Happy Promise Day 2019

The fifth day in the week leading up to Valentine's Day is celebrated as Happy Promise Day. Celebrated on February 11, it's the day couples make honest promises to each other - the ones that reassure your partner about your commitment to the relationship and harmless, silly ones to make them happy. It's human nature to break promises and but keeping some vows can make a huge difference in a relationship, like a promise to love your partner unconditionally without changing a thing about them or to be with them through the highs and lows. While Valentine week is essentially for those in relationships, Promise Day needn't be just for couples. This Promise Day, make a pledge to be a better child, a better friend or a better sibling. We've listed some pledges you can make to your parents, siblings or besties. But if you're a couple, we've compiled 10 meaningful promises you can make to your plus one to assure them they mean the world to you. We expect a lot from our partners, so why not give them something in return. Wish them a Happy Promise Day with these 10 vows.

Promise day is one of the days in the valentines week list. It celebrated on 11th of February every year and 5th day in the list. After rose day, teddy day, chocolate day, propose day comes the promise day. And every love story starting on the valentines day is incomplete with a promise to remain committed to it till the end. A promise is made to your partner that he or she will never ever leave your side on any condition. Don’t make such big and fake promises which cannot be fulfilled. Instead show more love by your actions and less by promises. So if you have fulfilled all your last year’s promises be prepared to make new ones. So rather making big promises and making the day tough for you make easy and small promises full fill them and make the day romantic. Here is some msg on promise day you can share with your dear friends.

Happy Promise Day 2019 Significance 

Promise day is a very important day for companions and couples; it gives trust to their relationship. Indeed, it's a promise for a life partner- promising for true love and long-lasting relation. A responsible person can understand the real meaning of the promise which he or she uses to make on this day. By making the promise on this day we can reveal our love in a small and stunning way.

Happy Promise Day 2019 | Best Love Promise For Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Happy promise Day– promises by boyfriend to girlfriend and girlfriend to boyfriend are very important.  They should be aware of their promise and faithfully stick to them with whole efforts. Little things make a lot of difference so don’t be a fake person but stick to your rules. Always make a promise which you can fulfill. Here are some top 10 best little promises that girls usually expect from boys.
Do not smoke or drink and not call msg anyone while driving.
Remember all the important dates like her birthday, anniversary engagement day etc.
Not to keep the password in your phone.
Respect each other's parents and other relatives.
Always love her and care for her and be loyal to her.
To face each others problems together.
Bring surprise little gifts for her frequently and make her happy.
Don’t make promises of moon and stars but talk about realistic things.
Don’t lie to her or hide anything from her instead solve your problems together.
Treat her like the most precious and important thing and make her feel special.

Best Promise Day Message For Girlfriend With Images

No relation of the blood but bonded by the heart this is true essence of friendship. I don’t promise to let you in problem anytime. But I promise to face the problem together every time.
I promise to be yours forever, if you promise to be mine forever.
I promise to love you with my soul & my body no matter How distanced we are you’ll always be mine.
I don’t want someone who promise me the moon and the stars. I want someone who promise to lay on the grass and watch them with me.
If you are cold at night, let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket.

New Promise Day Msg For Best Friend

I will never let you go; if you ever go I’ll hold your hand and bring you back to fight with me daily.  Happy Promise Day.
Promise me, you won’t forget our laughs, our jokes, our smiles, our conversations, our plans, our tears, our memories, our experiences, our friendship.
Promise me with all of your heart to never let us fall apart to keep me strong and holding on promise me that you’ll never be gone.

Special Love Promise Day Quote For Him

True friends for life may or may not have money to share, may or may not have food to share but they share the love and care.
There are many people who will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave the footprints. You are lucky if your school friends are still your best friend. Three things are not meant to be broken– friendship, love and promise.
Sometimes you need someone not to do anything or fix anything but just to be there to make us feel we are loved and cared.  And they are called friends. A true friend is someone who will don’t mind listening to your old craps again and again. 

Happy Promise Day 2018 | Promise Day Quotes, Messages & Sms

These are some of the promises that girls usually expect from boys. Now we will give some best and beautiful friendship promises which are made in with friends. Here are some best happy promise day images for friends and happy promise day SMS for best friends. Promise day images you can also use as profile pictures and dp. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and celebrate your happy promise day. Download these happy promise day HD images for free.
I can not promise to solve all your problems, I can only promise that I will never let you face them alone, Happy Promise Day
Promise me that you will never leave me alone.
Some things you don't have to promise. You just do!
Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them. Happy Promise day.
A promise means everything but once it is broken, sorry means nothing.
Promise to you my dear we will walk together till life ended. Happy promise day. 
We met it was luck, we talked it was chance!
We became friends it was destiny!
We are still friends it is faith
We will always be friends its a promise.
Happy promise day
If one day you feel like crying, call me. I can't promise to make you laugh, but I'll be cry with you. Happy Promise Day!
 If you are cold at night, let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket. Happy Promise Day
If one day you feel like crying, call me. I can’t promise to make you laugh, but I’ll be cry with you. Happy Promise Day
I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky. Happy Promise Day
 I promise to stay with you through thick and thin
 I can’t promise to solve all your problems, I can promise, that I will never let you face them alone. Happy Promise Day
I promise to walk 1000 miles with you. Just promise you will walk back with me
 I can’t promise to solve all your problems, I can promise, that I will never let you face them alone. Happy Promise Day
I promise to walk 1000 miles with you. Just promise you will walk back with me

Promise Day wishes, image, and messages for your significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend or life partner:

I promise to never try to change who you are, I will love you just the way you are
I promise to hold your hand through sickness and health, through good and bad, through highs and lows. Together we'll make it through
I promise to not hog the blanket at night and keep you warm
I promise "we" will always be my priority and I will always stand up for you
I promise I'll admit it when I'm wrong and never go to bed angry
I promise to encourage you to keep challenging yourself and on days you feel like giving up, I will push to keep trying
I promise to like most of your posts on social media, even the bad selfies

Promise Day 2019 WhatsApp, Facebook Quotes, Messages and Status 

Speaking Without Egos, 
Loving Without Intentions,
Caring Without Expectations,
I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always.
Happy Promise Day 2019. 
God of my life, I welcome this new day. It is Your gift to me, a new creation, a promise of resurrection. 
If one day you feel like crying, call me. I can't promise to make you laugh, but I'll be cry with you. Happy Promise Day! 
I promise to still find you attractive when you're bloated from the Valentine's Day meal and candy I buy you. 
With each beat of the soul…
I am going to love you longer and longer,
Following Years of Togetherness…
That really is my Solemn Vow to you personally,
My love! 
I promise to be yours should you promise to become mine indefinitely. 
I promise to love you along with my soul and also my own body however distanced we have been you are always going to be mine.  

Cute & Love Promise Images & Pics For Promise Day Status

So go ahead and use these happy promise day images, promise day quotes, happy promise day messages to send to your friends. You can also use them as status. Give your reviews in the comment section.  And let us know if you like our happy promise day images, happy promise day messages and promise day quotes for best friends.

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Hope you have liked our collection of Promise Day Quotes. As you must have found that these are not just mere promises out of the air, these promises are very much in sync with reality and with a touch of love to make the receiver realize how much they matter to you and how much important they are in your life as you are making such a nice promise to them for lifelong love and companionship. You can even write these quotes on a paper to turn them into a handwritten note to give it a more lovable feature.

Promise Day SMS can be shared with your loved one without any second thought. As you are approaching towards valentine’s day with every passing day there should be love and excitement all around you.

So, share these Promise Day Greetings to your loved ones through social media too, and they will be amazed at your creativity and uniqueness. So, just go ahead and share these happy promise day quotes and spread the trust, reliability, faith and love around you and make this day fulfilled with love for everyone around and for yourself too.

Happy Teddy Day 2019: Teddy Bear Day Wishes, Quotes, Images, Facebook/Whatsapp Status & Messages

Happy Teddy Day 2019: Teddy day is the 4th day in valentines week list.  It is celebrated on the 10th of Feb. This day is quite famous among youngsters. As the elder generation think it is a childish thing. Teddy bear is a very loved and adorable gift for children as well as girls. Girls love when they are a gifted teddy. So go ahead this teddy bear day and send cute lovely teddies to your girlfriend or spouse. If you are unable to meet and give teddy to a loved one you send these cute teddy day SMS and lovely teddy day messages. You can also use to send new teddy day images.

When children see Happy Teddy bear, their eyes light up. This 40 cm Teddy bear with light brown fur made from soft and cuddly plush is always ready to play. This whimsical Happy Teddy bear smiles mischievously at your little one. He is brimming with joy and itching to do somersaults. This cute and curious Teddy bear presses his fluffy nose against the window pane. What is waiting to be discovered in the world outside? He is sure to find grand adventures on the playground. When this joyful Teddy bear is tired from the day’s many events, he enjoys having his soft ears scratched or his fluffy tummy tickled. This cute Teddy bear snuggles in the arms of your sunshine. When your little one cuddles with their new playmate, the Happy Teddy bear, they’ll never want to let him go thanks to the bean bag pellets sewn into his bottom. The cuddly appearance and soft and smooth body of the Happy Teddy bear, as well as his sew-in bean bag pellets, will make him your child’s favorite cuddly toy.

Happy Teddy Day 2019

The spring season is right around the corner. After the cold and harsh winter, there is a renewed energy and life in the air. With blooming flowers and new leaves, there is a romantic vibe around. And, to make it extra special, Valentine’s Week is right here to spread the love. Yes, the celebration of love is not restricted to one day anymore. And even though we believe love is not just worth celebrating for one day, these seven days are a great way to reassure your partner you’ll always be there. And for those of you, who haven’t yet mustered the courage to express your love to your crush, let Teddy Day be the day when you put out your feelings to the person you love.

Celebrated on February 10, after Rose Day, Propose Day and Chocolate Day — it’s a day dedicated to the fluffy friend — teddy bears. After all, doesn’t it have the ability to meet everyone’s heart? So, on this day, tell your special someone, how they make you smile and make you feel giddy just like a teddy.

Happy Teddy Day 2019 Significance

Girls like teddies and this day celebrate their fondness of this cute little stuff. These days hold a special place in every girl’s heart as the whole week gives a chance to boys to express their love by making her feel special.

Happy Teddy Day Date & Celebration In Other Countries 2019

As teddy day is in the valentines week list which is a full week celebrated before the valentines day in India.  But in different countries the case is different.

In the USA– in the USA there is no such day as teddy day.  But they celebrate teddy day on 9th September.  Which is world teddy day. As in India, there is a whole valentines week in the USA the whole week is combined and celebrated on valentines day.

In Canada– in Canada valentines, the day is the time people choose to tell their partner that they love you.  In a romantic way with flowers gifts, teddies chocolates candle light dinner etc. But there is no teddy day.

In Singapore– it is a day of celebration of love and friendship.  There is no valentines week celebrated before the valentines day.  Every one just celebrates 14th Feb with great interest and pomp.

In India– in India, there is a whole long week before the valentines day and teddy day is part of it. It is celebrated on the 10th of Feb.  On teddy day girlfriend boyfriends give small or big teddy bears to their partner take them out for a date or dinner.  This way it is celebrated with great interest.

Happy Teddy Day 2019 WhatsApp, Facebook Quotes, Messages and Status

Teddy Bears, whether old or new
They're cute and cuddly, pink or blue
On Teddy Bear Day, I wanna tell you
 No one is as adorable as you
On Teddy Bear Day, accept this message as my promise to be your cuddly bear for life with an unlimited supply of hugs
Happy Teddy Bear Day to my friend who gives the best "bear hugs". Thanks for the warm embrace and the cuddles
Baby, you are warm, sweet and cuddly, just like a teddy bear. Here's wishing you a very Happy Teddy Day!
A room without a teddy is like a face without a smile. Happy Teddy Bear Day, my love.
Money can't buy happiness but it can buy the next best thing - a teddy bear. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
Just a message to say you are 'bear'y nice. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
Teddy bears may be cute, but not as cute as you! Happy Teddy Bear Day, my Valentine.
A message of appreciation for my 'bear'y cute cuddly bear. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Happy Teddy Day Quotes 2019

“May this Teddy Bear Day give you lot of love and Happiness…!!”
“Koi kehta hai pyaar nasha ban jata hai….Koi kehta hai pyaar saza ban jata hai….Par pyaar karo agar sachche dil se….To wo pyaar hi jine ka waja ban jata hai..! Happy Teddy Day.”
“More than ever, I love u..More than ever, I admire u..More than ever, I like u..More than ever, I respect u..More than ever, I want you forever. Happy Teddy Day…”
“Oh My Cute and Beautiful Dear You are my sweetest teddy bear, and I Always Be in Your Near Happy Teddy Bear..!!”
“You Are My Sweetest Teddy Bear…Happy Teddy Bear Day my Lovely Darling.”
“It’s Teddy Bear Day Today and I’am thinking of someone cute and huggable who is you. Happy Teddy Bear Day.”

Happy Teddy Day 2019 | Teddy Day Quotes & Sms For Your Love

we have brought the latest teddy bear messages which you can send to your girlfriend along with the teddy bear or teddy bear in the basket 10 to 12 would be perfect. Also, send the best images.
“Teddy bear doesn’t have heart Bcoz it is wholly filled with love. Love me like a teddy bear,  kiss me like a teddy bear, hug me like a teddy bear. Happy teddy day…
“If you would be chocolate you must be the sweetest if you are a star ur the most bright. If you would be my teddy you would be most huggable.  Since you are my love. Ur the best.
“So what if I m fat and chubby you can make me your teddy bear and you be my Barbie doll for life. Happie teddy day my love...
“Teddies are sweet teddies are cute, teddies are soft teddies may b huge. But these are for the one whom I love and who is more sweet cute and soft than a teddy. I love you.  Happy teddy day and happy valentines day in advance.

Happy Teddy Day Images With Quotes, Messages For Her

As teddy day is celebrated only in India in the valentines week list before the valentines day. So you can share these sweet teddy bear wishes with your friends and loved ones. Along with sweet cute teddy that you gift them. Even use them in Facebook WhatsApp and Twitter.
“Today on this teddy day, I want to wish the sweetest girl cuter than the teddy.  Happy teddy day…
“I wish I was a teddy bear in your room that lay in your bed so when you hug it you hug me instead…
“This is a cute teddy bear to my cute wife who is surely my life.  I want to tell you that never leave me in life.  Happie teddy day.
“In a room, if there is no teddy is like a face without a smile. You are in my blood and heart. And in my thoughts and dreams.  Happy teddy day.
“Teddies are soft teddies are cute they may old or new. But they are always huggable and cuddled.  Same is you.  Happy teddy day…
Bears like honey that comes from bees.
Bears like to nap under shady trees.
Bears can be cuddly, or big and mean.
My little Teddy Bear is the cutest I’ve seen.
He’s at my side when I’m happy or blue,
Here’s to my Teddy Bear — ‘I love you!’.
Happy Teddy Day 2019
On Teddy Bear Day,
We think of people who have cheered and encouraged us,
Who go out of their way to be kind and caring,
Who have enriched our lives just by being themselves.
You are such a person.
I’m so happy you’re my love, Happy Teddy Day
Sun may refuse to shine,
Air may refuse to blow,
Water may refuse to flow,
But it’s me, my dear,
Who will never say bye to you,
And love you forever like a teddy.
Happy Teddy Day, My LOVE
Kuch Ehsason Ke Saye Dil Ko Chu Jate Hain,
Kuch Manzar Dil Mein Utar Jate Hain,
Bejan Gulshan Mein Bhi Phool Khil Jate Hain,
Jab Zindagi Mein Aap Jaise Dost Mil Jate Hain.
Happy Teddy Bear Day
Unhe Ye Shikayat Hai Hamse,
Ki Ham Har Kisi Ko Dekh Kar Muskurate Hai,
Nasamajh Hai, Woh Kya Jane,
Hame To Har Chehre Mai Sirf Woh Hi Nazar Ate Hai.
Happy Teddy Bear Day
Chocolate ki khushbu
Icecream ki mithaas
Pyar ki masti
Or hothon ka swaad
Hasi k gubbare
Or tumhaara saath
Mubarak ho aapko
Teddy Day kaa tyohaar 
YOU are the SMILE on my lips,
The TWINKLE in my eyes,
The JOY on my face,
The HAPPINESS in my heart.
Without YOU, I am nothing.
Happy Teddy Day, my dear.
Love you, a lot 
On Teddy Bear Day,
We Think Of Those Who Make Our Lives Worthwhile,
Those Gracious, Friendly People Who We Think Of, With A Smile.
I Am Fortunate To Know You, That’s Why I Want To Say,
To A Rare And Special Person: Happy Teddy Bear Day 
Even If The Sun Refused To Shine
Even If Romance Ran Out Of Rhyme
You Would Still Have My Heart Until
The End Of Time You’re All
( ‘ o ‘ )
I Need, My Love
Happy Teddy Bear Day
Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love. I m your Teddy with a big heart.
To my cutest cuddly wife,
Who is certainly my life,
This teddy bear is a sign that you will be forever mine.
Happy Teddy Bear Day
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