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Republic Day SMS 2019: 26 January SMS & Messages in Hindi & English

Republic Day SMS 2019: Indian Republic day marks the date on which the Constitution of India came into force, replacing the Government of India Act of 1935. When the constitution was adopted in 1950, it marked India’s emergence as a sovereign state, capable of handling its matters effectively. Apart from the Independence Day celebrated on the 15th of August; Republic Day is the only other national holiday which marks a date in Indian history. On Republic Day, the capital of the country, New Delhi witnesses the Republic day parade, which displays the strength of Indian military forces, army, navy and air force, the diversity of countries landscapes and cultures and also the youth of the nation. It’s only natural that a feeling of patriotism runs through the veins of every Indian on this day. We share a few anecdotes that you can share as text messages on this day of remembrance.

Republic Day SMS 2019

Republic Day of India is a National festival of India widely celebrated by Indians all over the world. On this occasion we need some good Republic Day SMS or Republic Day Messages or Republic Day Wishes to wish our family members, relatives, and friends. So that we have nicely gathered lots of Republic Day SMS, Republic Day Wishes or Republic Day Messages for you. Some people need these republic day SMS in Hindi so that we have Hindi republic day SMS too. Have fun and happy surfing with republic day SMS.

Republic Day Messages

Celebrate the spirit of freedom by sending wonderful Republic Day messages to your family and friends. Check out this page and you would come across a variety of messages that you can send to all your loved ones to remind them of the great sacrifices made by our noble leaders for the independence of the nation.

Republic Day SMS in Hindi

Hindi Republic Day SMS to celebrate the spirit of our nation and make a difference by sharing thoughts on Republic Day through SMS. Say Happy Republic day to your loved ones in a language close to your heart through Hindi Republic Day SMS Greetings and Wishes and let them know you share the same patriotism as them. Scroll through the collection of creative and original Hindi Republic Day SMS Greetings in English, Deshbhakti Republic Day SMS Greetings, Ganatantra Divas SMS Greetings and much more. With so many Hindi Republic Day SMS Text Greetings in 160 characters, you will be able to pick and choose the right message based on the rapport you share with your friends, relatives or acquaintance. Post these Hindi Republic Day SMS Greetings on Facebook and Twitter to let like-minded patriots know what you feel for the country. No matter where you are, our 26 January SMS greetings in Hindi are sure to add a special touch of glory to your love for mother India. Every SMS Wish you send will make a difference because words are powerful than weapons. So get set to enlighten the world with your words, send Hindi Republic Day SMS Greetings that will touch hearts and multiply courage. Wish you a Happy Republic Day.

Republic Day SMS - 1

Watan hamara aisa koi na chhod paaye,
Rishta hamara aisa koi na tod paaye,
Dil ek hai ek jaan hai hamari,
Hindustan hamara hai hum iski shaan hain.
Happy Republic Day. :: Happy republic day sms

Republic Day SMS - 2

DESH bahkto ki balidaan se
SWATNATRA huye hai hum
koi puche kon ho to GRAV se kahenge
Bhartiya hai hum...

Republic Day SMS - 3

Watan ki sar bulandi me, humara naam shamil,
Guzarte rehna hai humko sada ese mukamo se. Jai Hind.

Republic Day SMS - 4

Let us together commence a journey of peace, harmony and
progress, prosperity and unity in our nation India.
Heartiest Greetings for 69th Republic Day of India.

Republic Day SMS - 5

Watan hamara misaal mohabbat ki,
Todta hai deewaar nafrat ki,
Meri khush naseebi mili zindagi is chaman mein.
Bhula na sake koi iski khushbu saton janam mein.
Happy Republic Day! ! Happy Republic Day sms !

Republic Day SMS - 6

It has been passed 69 years after getting freedom of our India
nevertheless no progress why? do you know why?
because still the fool people of India are reading my SMS 

Republic Day SMS - 7

On this day think of ur past &
Try to built better future for all of us..
It is a duty of all of us!!
I am proud to be an Indian.
Happy Republic Day
!=- -..@..-=-._;
Jay Hind

Republic Day SMS - 8

Aajadi ka josh kabhi kam na hone deinge,
Jab bhi zaroorat padegi desh ke liye jaan luta deinge.
Kyonki Bharat hamara desh hai ab dobara is par koi aanch na aane denge.
Happy Republic Day! ~~~ 26 January Republic Day sms in hindi

Republic Day SMS - 9

Corruption causes:-
Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character,
Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity,
Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles,
Let us join our hands together
Make India corruption free
Happy Republic Day.

Republic Day SMS - 10

Saare jahan se achchha Hindusitan humara-
Hum bul-bule hain iske Ye Gulsitan humara-humara
hindi he hum hindi he hum hindosita humara
Jai Hind

Republic Day SMS - 11

Charming India
Happy Republic Day
'-., .'
_-' I '-._ _.._
._.-.' LOVE ' -' .-'
'._/| MY , ';'-
'. INDIA /
   '. .'
Jai Hind.
!! Come together to make India Most powerful, prosperous Country Happy Republic Day 2018. ....... Republic day 2018 sms

Republic Day SMS - 12

Here is web best and latest collection of indian republic day. Convey your warm republic day greeting with 26 January republic day sms in hindi, 26 January republic day sms in english, republic day 2018 sms to your friend, relative, mates. Send republic day wishes through these messages, msg, quotes specially composed for Indian Republic Day 2018.

Republic Day SMS - 13

On this special day,
lets promise our motherland that
we will do everything
to enrich and preserve our heritage
our ethos and our treasure
happy republic day.

Republic Day SMS - 14

May our dream of a new tomorrow come true for us
Happy Republic Day.

Republic Day SMS - 15

The difference between what we do
and what we are capable of doing
would suffice to solve most of the worlds problems!
Join hands together to make Indian "The Golden Bird" Again
' * ' Happy Republic Day ' * ' happy republic day sms

Republic Day SMS - 16

Baha dengey lahoo ka ek ek katra
aey maa tere liye
desh hai hamara sabse acha
hai nahi koi aur tumhare liye
mera bharat mahaan
Happy republic day 2013

Republic Day SMS - 17

Daag GULAMi ka dhoya hai jaan Luta kar
Deep jalaye hai kitne DEEP bhujha kar
Mili hai jab yeh AZADi to fir is azadi ko
Rakhna hoga har DUSHMAN se aaj bachakar
!! Come together to make India Most powerful, prosperous Country Happy RepublicDay 2013. ......

Republic Day SMS - 18

Let us remember the golden heritage of our country
and feel proud to be a part of India.

Republic Day SMS - 19

So to feel the patriotism &
dedications of that sacrifice that our freedom fighters made,
here are some of the wishes that will enlighten this spirit in you.

Republic Day SMS - 20

Our life is full of Colors..
I hope this 26th January will add more colors to your life
Happy Republic Day

Republic Day SMS - 21

Still Sleeping?
The nation need you!
You need to be Awaken!
You are part of world’s biggest Democracy..
Today is the day when We got our own constitution..
Its Indian Republic Day . . . . . . . . . republic day messages sms

Republic Day SMS - 22

This is the country of colors and faith in spirituals.
Lets this Republic day reminds us for the work and
life given by our leaders to safe and happy life.

Republic Day SMS - 23

On the Republic Day
Lets carry on ritually remembering
each other and greet
on occasions, on anniversaries,
lets carry on to count years,
add on the numbers,
for the delight of managers
of our affairs,
lets hope for the magic wand
to work miracles by the turn
of the endless night. . . . . . 26 january republic day sms

Republic Day SMS - 24

Na zuban se,
Na nigahon se,
Na dimag se,
Na rango se,
Na greeting se,
Na gift se,
Aapko *Jashne Azadi Mubarak* direct dil se
Happy Republic Day

Republic Day SMS - 25

If not other than our common
ground to meet,
let me remember the anonymous,
for once at least,
beyond the patriotic floats display
on a Republic Day.

Republic Day SMS - 26

Mera mulk mera desh mera
yeh watan shanti ka unnati ka
pyaar ka chaman..
Happy republic day in advance.....sms
I love my india..
Happy republic day.

Republic Day SMS - 27

This is the country of colors and faith in spirituals. Lets this Republic day reminds us for the work and life given by our leaders to safe and happy life.

Republic Day SMS - 28

100 crores of people combined fall in love with one

Republic Day SMS - 29

The greatness of a nation and
its moral progress can be judged by
the way its animals are treated.
Happy Republic Day....

Republic Day SMS - 30

India holds a very prestigious position
on the world map.
Let’s pledge to take our country to new heights
Happy Republic Day!

Republic Day SMS - 31 

Being A Republic Nation
You have…
Freedom in Mind,
Faith in Words,
Pride in our Heart,
Memories in our Souls.
Lets Salute the Nation on

Republic Day SMS - 32

God grants liberty only to those who love it,
And are always ready to guard it and defend it.
Happy Republic Day

Republic Day SMS - 33

Hope peace reigns in your part of the world today and everyday
Happy Republic Day

Republic Day SMS - 34

Once again we wish you all a happiest republic day. Celebrate this 26 January in a grand style & don’t forget to wish all the Indians by commenting below. 

Republic Day SMS - 35

No Matter where I’M My heart is always with my homeland.
Happy Republic Day to all my friends.

Republic Day SMS - 36

Saluting India!Where each bud blooms in its true colors,
Where each day is celebration of unity,
harmony and synthesis.
Happy Republic Day.

Republic Day SMS - 38

Republic Day is the day
When we legally became the proud citizen of India.
Let’s salute the occasion.
Jai Hind and enjoy that day.

Republic Day SMS - 39

Punjab 4 fighting,
Bengal 4 writing,
Rajasthan 4 history,
Maharastra 4 victory,
Karnatna 4 silk,
haryana 4 milk,
kerala 4 brain,
Uttrprdsh 4 grain,
Himchalprdsh 4 apple,
Orissa 4 temple,
Madhayprdsh 4 tribals,
Bihar 4 musics,
Tamilnadu 4 culture,
Proud 2 be an Indian

Republic Day SMS - 40

28 states
1618 languages
6400 Castes
6 Major religions
6 Ethnic Groups
29 major festivals
1 Country!
Be proud to be an INDIAN...
Wish you a Happy Republic Day

Republic Day SMS - 41

United we stand, divide we fall..stronger we grow higher we flow! Jai Hind!!Happy Republic Day.

Republic Day SMS - 42

60 years of being a republic..
Cheers to my motherland..!!!
Happy Republic Day to all of you.

Republic Day SMS - 43

Hold your head high;
let the world know You are Proud to be an Indian.
Vande Mataram and Happy Republic Day.

Republic Day SMS - 44

Never forget the heros
Who sacrificed their lives
To bring up this glorious day to India,
Happy Republic Day

Republic Day SMS - 45

Constitution Gave us
Faith, freedom , Peace an Pride.
So Let’s Value the Day it was created
And Wish Happy Republic day with a smile.

Republic Day SMS - 46

Lets Include A Sense Of Pride And Honors In Your Children
By Celebrating Republic Day In True Sense.
Happy Republic Day to all Indians.

Republic Day SMS - 47

Here I Am Wishing,
Our Dreams Of A New Tomorrow Come True,
For Us..…Now And Always!
Happy Republic Day..

Republic Day SMS - 48

Happy republic day!
On d eve of 60th REPUBLIC DAY, lets salute & remember d soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation..

Republic Day SMS - 49

We come from a nation where we aIIow
a Iady of CathoIic origin...
to step aside for a Sikh
to be sworn in as Prime Minister...
to a MusIim President to govern
a nation of over 80 percent Hindus.

Republic Day SMS - 50

Carried with care Coated with pride Dipped in love N Affection Fly in Glory Moments of freedom in shade of joy Enjoy Happy Republic day

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