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Happy Chocolate Day 2019: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images, Whatsapp & Facebook Status

Happy Chocolate day, chocolate day images for dp, status, FB, chocolate day pics photos, happy chocolate day, quotes, Sms, wishes, messages, date 9th Feb 2019: Chocolate day is the 3rd day of the valentines week.  It is celebrated on the 9th of Feb. On chocolate day young lovers give each other heart-shaped chocolates as a symbol of love. Chocolate is something that everybody loves. So it is not necessary that it is quite popular among youth. Chocolates can be given to anyone to whom you wish to make happy. And it surely will make the person happy. As contains mood boosters. Chocolate day is quite famous in India but it is also celebrated worldwide.

Calling in all the lovers to make memories, the month of February ushers with the frenzy of Valentine’s Day! But, it’s not just a day anymore. Couples make merry for the entire week with each day signifying a special day — Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day and finally, Valentine’s Day!

Celebrated on February 9, Chocolate Day is the perfect occasion to savor sweet treats and indulge in treacly desserts. From a packet of sweet biscuits to cakes and ice creams or pure chocolate bars — friends and lovers gift and relish different kinds of chocolates on this day.

Happy Chocolate Day 2019

Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9 every year. It is celebrated as the third day of Valentine's Week, right after Propose Day. Valentine's Week is a 7-day-long celebration of all things lovey-dovey that begins on February 7 and ends on February 14, with Valentine's Day. The days during Valentine's Week are Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally, Valentine's Day. Chocolate Day, as the name itself suggests, is dedicated to everyone's favorite sweet treat. It is celebrated by giving chocolates to your loved ones to let them know how much you value them. Chocolate Day is definitely a favourite amongst people celebrating Valentine's Week, for who doesn't like to receive delicious chocolates? Can you think of a better way to express your love to someone than with these sweet bars of happiness? We don't think so.

No matter how young or old, everyone appreciates chocolate. And more than the gift itself, it is the thought behind it that counts. So go ahead and give your mom, dad, best friend, and significant other their favourite chocolate and see the smiles light up their faces.

Valentine’s Week is here and couples in the world are busy spreading some much-needed love. Whether you like it or not, there will be hearts all around you – cards, billboards and ads – the myriad versions of reds and pinks, happy-in-love couples who think it’s finally the time to show some PDA, and card and gifting companies can make a whole lot of money. Flower prices – especially roses – will skyrocket (so if you just need to give someone flowers now, then tough luck), and each day will be an ode to something lovely – Rose Day, Propose Day, Teddy Day and Hug Day – all elements of a budding or stout love story that builds the crescendo up to February 14 with Valentine’s Day.

Well, as we run through the motions of celebrating each of these tributes, the fun and immensely satisfying one – when whether you’re in love, out of love, a couple or single doesn’t matter – is February 9, celebrated as Chocolate Day. That’s because who doesn’t like chocolates in the company or solitary?

So, while the best thing would be to buy/gift/get a box of your favorite chocolates, you can spread the love by sending some nice chocolatey and sweet wishes instead. Maybe they’ll send you some chocolates in return?! So, what are you waiting for? Here are some of the chocolate day wishes that you can share and brighten up their day, and yours too.

Chocolate Day Date & Celebration In Other Countries 2018

In the United States – in the United States there is no chocolate day before valentines day.  They celebrate the world chocolate day on 13th September. It is an international chocolate day.

In Australia – in Australia, the chocolate day is celebrated on 7th July.  It is the international world ‘s chocolate day. Cadbury is the oldest company in Australia. So this day is their national chocolate day.

In Canada – mainly the different days before the valentines day is celebrated only in India on large scale.  In all other countries, there is no specific valentines week before the valentines day.  They just celebrate 14th Feb as valentines day.

Happy Chocolate Day 2018 | Chocolate Day Quotes & Sms For Your Love

Chocolate day is quite popular in India.  It is celebrated with great enthusiasm among all age groups but more specifically among the new generation. On the chocolate day, people Share different types of chocolates among each other to spread happiness. But they give special heart chocolate, premium chocolate,  flowers or expensive jewelry piece to their loved ones. Along with these, you can also share these you must also send them sweet chocolate day quotes and SMS with lovely chocolate day images which you will find here in our post.
Nothing is better than true love which is your s forever but not if it comes with chocolate.  Then the later one is better. Happy chocolate day sweetheart.
Some sweet must be eaten after a meal, maybe jam toast in breakfast or a dessert after lunch.  Same way ur the sweetest person and you are so important in my friend list. Happy chocolate day.
The taste of love is like chewing gum it will taste sweet only in beginning later it’s taste fade away.  But for friendship, it’s not like that. It tastes sweet till the end. The happy chocolate day my friend.
Everything comes with a price and I come only with chocolate. So by me chocolate and m yours. Happy chocolate day
Every chocolate resembles a part of life some are sweet some are bitter some are soft some are crunchy while some are nutty but all are delicious
A fridge without chocolate is like a face without a smile.  So always wear a smile and carry chocolate. To make others and your mood bloom. Happy chocolate day

Happy Chocolate Day Images With Quotes & Messages For Love Once

If you believe in full week celebration of the whole valentine week then go ahead in its celebration. Today is the chocolate day, share chocolate spread joy and send these happy chocolate day wishes and messages with your family, friends and loved ones. 9th February is a chocolate day in India before the valentines day followed by promise day kiss day teddy day etc.
It is quite horrible to think of a devil who hates chocolate.  Are there really these type of people.
Chocolate says m sorry and I love you much better than words.
Our hand and mouth have made an agreement many years ago that as far as chocolate concerned there is no need for involvement of the brain.
Love is like a hollowed chocolate piece filled with cocoa. And it tastes slow. Life without sex and chocolate is useless. Happy chocolate day.
Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy chocolate which is the same thing.  If chocolate is the answer then the question is unknown.
Chocolate is my favorite word which automatically brightens up my mood. And so will be yours. Happy chocolate day. 

Happy Chocolate Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes & Messages

This is a chocolate message,
For a dairy milk person,
From a five star friend,
For a melody reason,
And a kitkat time,
On a munch day,
In a perk mood to say,
Happy Chocolate Day
All I Really Need Is Love,
But A Little Chocolate Now And Then Doesn’t Hurt 
Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,
It Tastes Only In The Beginning!
But Friendship Is Like Chocolate,
It Tastes Till It Ends!
Happy Chocolate Day
Life is like a chocolate box,
Each chocolate is like a portion of life,
Some are crunchy, some are nutty,
Some are soft, but all are DELICIOUS.
Happy Chocolate Day to my love one
Lovely chocolate and lovely you,
And lovely are the things you do,
But the loveliest is the friendship of the two,
One is me and other is you!
Happy chocolate Day 
My sweet valentine,
You are a chocolate so you are sweetest,
You are a star so you are brightest,
You are a lovely girl so you are my dearest!
Happy Chocolate Day 
Pyar ka tyohar hai aaya.
Sang apne hai khushiya laya.
Aao mil kar manaye ise,
Koi bhi rang na rahe feeka,
Par sabse pehle karlo kuch muh meetha.
Happy Chocolate Day 
Here are my special gifts to my special friend:
My heart filled with love,
My eyes full of adoration,
My mind full of your dreams,
And a box full of chocolates.
Happy Chocolate Day 
I Dream Only Of You,
I Breathe Only For You,
My Every Prayer Is For You,
I Need No One Else In My Life But You.
Happy Chocolate day 
Chocolates may finish from a chocolate box
in a day, week, month or year,
But true love never finishes from heart,
for a sweet valentine. Happy chocolate day 
Anyone can catch one’s eye
but it takes a special someone,
to capture your heart and
soul and for me that special
someone is you.
Happy chocolate day 
You always care for me.
You always support me.
You always love me.
I thank god who gave me such
a truly loving partner.
You are the love of my life.
Happy chocolate day
You are so soft like dairy milk, You are so silky like Cadbury milk,
You are so lovely like my sweetheart
Happy chocolate day
 All I Really Need Is Love,
But A Little Chocolate Now And Then Doesn’t Hurt
Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,
It Tastes Only In The Beginning!
But Friendship Is Like Chocolate,
It Tastes Till It Ends!
Happy Chocolate Day 
My sweet valentine,
You are a chocolate so you are sweetest,
You are a star so you are brightest,
You are a lovely girl so you are my dearest!
Happy Chocolate Day 
Today Day Is The Chocolate Day
Dairymilk For Love
Kitkat For Special
Bounty For Cool
Mars For Best Friend .
Sonat 4 Cute Hug
Galaxy 4 Sweet Kiss
What Will You Give Me 

Happy Chocolate Day 2019 Images, Greeting & GIF 

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