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Happy Hug Day 2019: Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images & Whatsapp/Faceook Status

Happy Hug Day 2019:- After a long, tiring day, there is nothing as comforting as a loved one's hug. It's Valentine's Week and February 12 each year is celebrated as Hug Day - a day dedicated to warm, cuddly hugs. If there's one thing one can never have enough of - it's hugs. Even research says a good, tight hug has healing powers. Not only does it build trust, give comfort and affection but also has many health benefits, say, researchers. Hugs boost levels of Oxytocin hormone in the body which are linked to lower blood pressure. So, even science approves hugging. So, what better day to give your partner, parents or friends a warm, cuddly hug. But if you're far away from your partner or that someone special, these messages will convey your feelings in the most meaningful way along with a virtual hug.

हग करना हममें से कई लोगों के डेली रूटीन का हिस्सा है। हममें से कई लोगों को यह भली आदत है कि जब भी हमें कोई अपना दिखता है तो हम उसे गले लगाने से नहीं चूकते हैं। लेकिन हग डे पर अपने चाहने वालों को हग करने का अपना एक अलग ही मजा और रोमांच है। ऐसे में इस बार हग डे को सेलिब्रेट करने से मत चूकिएगा। इस हग डे को अगर आप खुद से दूर रह रहे लोगों को वॉट्सऐप मैसेज, कोट्स, और एसएमएस भेजकर सेलिब्रेट करना चाहते हैं तो इसमें हम आपकी मदद कर सकते हैं। यहां पर हम आपके लिए कुछ बेहतरीन वॉट्सऐप मैसेज, एसएमएस और कोट्स लेकर आए हैं। इन्हें आप अपनी पसंद के हिसाब से चुनकर अपने चाहने वालों को भेज सकते हैं।

यूं ही आंखों से आंसु बहते नहीं, किसी और को हम अपना कहते नहीं, एक तुम ही हो जो रुक से गए हो जिंदगी में, वरना रुकने के लिए हम किसी को कहते नहीं। हैप्पी हग डे। इश्क वही है जो हो एकतरफा हो, इजहार-ए-इश्क तो ख्वाहिश बन जाती है, है अगर मोहब्बत तो आंखों में पढ़ लो, जुबान से इजहार तो नुमाइश बन जाती है। हैप्पी हग डे।

Happy Hug Day 2019

Hug day is on 12thFeb every year. Which is a part valentines week list? There is another hug day day which is the national hug day in some countries. A hug is a very affectionate gesture. On hug day every one obviously shares hugs. But here we are also giving you cute hug day SMS and best hug day images with quotes. The latest hug day images and SMS are here which you can share along with hugs with your dear ones. Don’t forget hug day 2018 or you will miss the most important part of valentines week. We have done our duty of providing the best msg on hug day and new hug wishes. Now you do your duty of sharing it with your loved ones. Share free hugs with everyone and spread the joy.

Happy Hug Day Celebrations 2019

A hug seals the love and wraps in the warmth, filling our hearts with exclusive belongingness. A mother’s hug is healing, a father’s hug reassuring and protective, a sibling’s hug is love and a lover’s hug is what you need to feel special and evolve! With Valentine’s Week just around the corner, we bring you the choicest of Hug’s Day quotes for your loved ones!

Hug Day Date & Celebration In Other Countries 2018

In India– On hug day in India which comes in the valentines week. People Share hugs, but an SMS or message now and then does more good. Here are the best romantic hug day SMS which you can forward or send to friends or loved ones or dear ones.

In the USA– there is no special hug day before Valentines Day in the USA.  But they celebrate the national hugging day or national hug day. It is celebrated on 24thNovember; it was first celebrated on 21st January in 1986. This event was started by Kevin Zaborney and it encourages people to hug family and friends more often.

Hug Day 2019 Message for your Mentor / Parents / Siblings

They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.” Bill Keane
When my arms can’t reach people, who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers. May God grant you What your heart desires and keep you happy. Happy Hug Day
Do you know? There is one gift which can’t be given Without taking it back? That is why I give you hug Which can’t be giving without taking it back. Happy Hug Day
Hugging is a silent way of saying, “You matter to me!” Happy Hug Day
What the heart gives away is never gone, but kept in the hearts of others, From dusk to dawn. Hug you from the core of my heart. Happy Hug Day
There is a warm hug where you are A shoulder I can lean on Tenderness, Warmth, Smile and Happiness.  Wishing you a beautiful and joyful Hug Day

Happy Hug Day 2018 | Hug Day Quotes & Sms 

In your arms, I feel so great
The warmth, the love,
Best place is in that state,
Love me, Hold me, Kiss me, Hug me
Happy Hug Day
A sweet hug represents love and affection
to the person we hug,
I want to hug you my dear,
As I want to let you know,
How much I love and care you.
Happy hug day
A hug is a handshake from the heart and I am sure a hug will help you feel calm and happy.
Happy Hug Day
A sweet friend is like a pillow
When you are tired you sleep on it
When you are sad you drop tears on it
When you are angry you punch it &
When you are happy you hug it.
Happy Hug Day 
I just have to give you a hug, so,
put your left hand on your right shoulder, and
put your right hand on your left shoulder
Now squeeze,
And know that it has travelled all this way from me 

Best Hug Day Messages & Gifts | Top Hug Sms For Friends

Hugging a person for few seconds releases love hormone which increases your trust on that person.  In the valentines week list hug day is on 12th Feb followed by kiss day and valentines day.  Hug day is to hug the person you love, girlfriend boyfriend husband or wife. You can also hug your friends or anyone you want to make happy. It is a gift which cannot be given without receiving. So if you give you get it back. Also enjoy the hug day by spreading our love wishes and images. Here are the best hug day images and wishes to share on Facebook and whatsapp. Also update your Facebook and whatsappdp with the latest hug day images. You can also use this hug day wishes to write on your Facebook and whatsapp status.  Go ahead and celebrate this hug day with great pomp. Happy hug day. 
My sweetest memory – your message
My biggest sadness – the distance
My biggest hope – to hug you soon
My strongest prayer – relation continues forever
Happy Hug Day 
If you hesitate when I hold ur hand, I will let you go. If you run away when I give you a kiss, I will let you go. But once you let me give you a hug, just once, I will never let you go. Happy Hug Day 
Just do me a favor,
Put ur left hand on ur right shoulder and
Your right hand on ur left shoulder.
Guess what? I just messaged you a hug
Happy Hug Day 
It’s Hug Day
And I just bugged you in my thoughts
Hope you felt the squeeze!
Happy Hug Day 
Give a nice hug to your kids,
And wish them a very happy hug day,
With lots of care and love.
Happy hug day 
Love you and
It does not matter
How far you are
I just hug you
In my prayers.
Happy hug day 
You are so special to me.
There is nothing better than Having you as a friend to share each day with!
Thank you for making my day brighter
Happy Hug Day
At this special hug day,
I am sending you a hug,
If you like then return me too.
Happy hug day 
A hug from me, even though I'm away
In my heart I'm right by your side
And here's a hug from me
To say, I love you lots, sweetheart
Happy Hug Day 
I love you not only for what you are
but for what I am when I'm with you
I love you not only for what you have made of yourself
but for what you are making of me
I love you for the part of me that you bring out
Happy Hug Day 
Hug them, kiss them
and tell them that you love them.
Don't miss the chances
that life is giving you to spend with people you love.
There are no rewinds
Happy Hug Day
There is something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to say goodbye
Happy Hug Day 
Hug is the loving gift that costs no money
and can be distributed for free
to make the love grow.
Happy Hug Day 
Your arms were always open when I needed a hug
Your heart understood when I needed a friend
Your eyes were stern when I needed a lesson
Your strength and love gave me wings.
Wishing you a Happy Hug Day
Do you know?
There is only one gift which can't be given
Without taking it back
Which is why I give you a hug
Happy Hug Day 
Never wait till tomorrow to
Hug someone you could hug today
Because when you give one
You get one, right back your way
Happy Hug Day 
A hug can say I am missing you
It can say you are special
It can soothe a crying mind
It can calm fear and cheer you
So here is a big hug from me to you
Happy Hug Day 
A sweet friend is like a pillow
When you are tired you sleep on it
When you are sad you drop tears on it
When you are angry you punch it &
When you are happy you hug it.
Happy Hug Day 

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